During the last 2 years we have been working with many different cooks here in Open Kitchen. A couple of months ago we had the idea. Why not inviting some of them to cook in a “ephemeral restaurant” during a limited period of time? This is how the idea of Brussels in Loft came to life. First came the idea: it is a Pop Up Restaurant. The name came afterwards from Paloma Cabeza who is my partner in this project.

The news today is that this is going to be a reality. There is more than 30 people involved in this project in a truly collaborative style. Everything is ready. The place. The dates. The cooks. The artists. The staff. It is going to be pure magic. We have an amazing program that combines food with art, furniture, performances and great vibes. It is going to be “THE PLACE TO BE” at the end of September beginning October.

This is not going to be a regular Open Kitchen. Brussels in Loft are not standing dinners. People will be seated and they will be served food from a different chef from different nationality every day.

It is going to take place in an awesome LOFT that was an old factory of Chocolate, with a super view in the center of the city! The space is  going to be designed by Celine Blanc, interior designer from Le Show Room  and decorated with art and performances curated by Elise Luong from Undecided Productions and Jeannie Remy from Divan. 

In addition to this we will offer you wines gold and silver medal  from Concours mondial de Bruxelles.

Do you want to see the multicultural program of meals from diverse nationalities, styles and traditions? Check our Calendar and book your spot now.

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