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How people are learning today (I)

Meet Lucas van Beneden. He is in his early 20′s and he can never get enough of learning, tinkering or making stuff. Theory is good for him but there is also the practical part. And for beginning programmers or electronic tinkerers like him it’s not always so easy to find those practical opportunities. So they [...]



A new concept is born: Brussels in Loft

During the last 2 years we have been working with many different cooks here in Open Kitchen. A couple of months ago we had the idea. Why not inviting some of them to cook in a “ephemeral restaurant” during a limited period of time? This is how the idea of Brussels in Loft came to [...]


Picture by Paloma Cabeza

10 Good reasons why you should try Open Kitchen in July

During the month of July we have decided to program 3 events (10, 17 and 24). We have never done so many events in a single month. This is a big challenge for us: it is summertime and there are a lot of people we need to convince to come (spread the word!!). In order [...]


OK Cooks from Brasil

Are you a host, cook, performer or guest? Discovering new city spaces for story sharing around food and culture

Home has always been a place for gathering with friends and family. There is nothing new about it. However, technology is changing the way we use the domestic spaces for relationship building and human interaction. Larger and more trusted online networks bring new advantages to homeowners: it is becoming easier to trust people and consume [...]


Illustration by @artepilpilean

Blackhole Whitehole (video’s title)

Text by Sachiyo Honda Ilustration by @artepilpilean I am a Japanese artist who lives in Brussels for the 14 years. Last year, I went to Cappadocia in Turkey for one month from October to November 2012 for staying in Artist Residence. I made a video there and showed my performance to local people. My project [...]


Hebe Party

Open Kitchen joins Hebe project platform

This is good news. First because we feel confortable, we share same principles and we will start to collaborate with them hopefully increasing the impact of our activities. In four years, Hêbê ASBL has already established itself as an important project platform for Expat in Brussels, with a network of 1500 people, of which 550 [...]


Testing with embedded Tweets

Testing embedded tweets twitter.com/manuelpueyo/st… — Manuel Pueyo (@manuelpueyo) January 30, 2013


Photo by Bart Van Otterdijk

New Year’s Eve in Brussels

Feel like dancing till the morning light? Brussels will be buzzing this New Year eve. Open Kitchen has had a look at some of the options for you to celebrate NYE 2012/2013 in style. As usual, there will be fireworks around the Mont des Arts, and gatherings in the Grand-Place and around the Bourse for [...]



Screen printing city personalities

Cities, have different layers, colors… personalities.  Those can be public vs private spaces, ethnic communities, social backgrounds, sunny vs cloudy, hills vs flat. All those aspects of cities must have certainly captured the attention of Stephane Dethy when deciding to start this new project called Sericity: Impressions Urbaines.  He uses silk screen a technique that progresively [...]


Betamowork Banner

Betamoworkers to Beat Cancer

It comes a bit late but is this part of the Year where I can shout…. MOVEMBER is HERE!!!!!!! This time I am proud to be member of Betamoworkers TEAM. And yes we have managed to raise 1021 euros so far ! What is movember? is a campaign to collect funds against prostate cancer. I [...]