Today we went food shopping with Frederic, the cook for the next open kitchen! We met at Potage Toit at the rooftop of the Brussels Public Library which is an urban garden located in the centre of Brussels and also a project that tries to make more gardening in unused urban spaces. We went through the different plants and herbs that were growing there discussing its qualities: Soja, Melissa is great for infusion in hot periods like today, persil japonnais or shiso from the mint family good for pesto, carrots, Fennel.

I had the pleasure to meet him via our common friend Claire from La Caravane.

Frederic thinks that food and diet can help you to heal, grow and increase your well being. He has been exploring how to cook simple things, respecting the original taste of ingredients and analysing how different recipes can help you being more balanced and focused. His ingredients are carefully selected so that food is produced as close as possible to where he lives.

On 15 July we make the magic come out. We are preparing an unforgettable evening with him. Claire will host us in a beautifully designed house with some live music. Great food makes great souls get in synch with each other and with the surroundings.

Check this little video we made from our visit in which Frederic explains (in french) what he likes about the food style he practices.

Welcome to join us if you are in the mood. Book your tickets here