A brand new project in Brussels. We sell wines and generate positive returns to both society and the environment. Hidden district is also community with same values and perspectives of the city.  Do you want to discover what it is exactly behind?
1) an online wine shop with a personal touch. Discover passionate and ethical wine made in the most natural way in France. We will deliver our product to you in a special way. Get your pack of 6 and we will personally bring it to you taking care of the environment.
2)more than just whine shop. Hidden district is also a lifestyle club…Once that you have bought a bottler, you will have access by a code to find out new places in the city and exclusive access to pop up restaurants, tasting events, artistic performances, learning experiences.
3)Cities aren’t just buildings, they are also the stories within them. Everybody has a story to tell in this city and we will bring you the best ones in our blog. You will be able to discover the most hidden places of the moment.
Some messages to be added in the design:
Check Hidden District Website,  enjoy it and come back. We will glad to count with you.
New way of buying wine, new way of discover the city, new way to enjoy it.  
Ready for the change? Be part of it.