Since I first arrived to Brussels city, almost every Sunday I do food trips to Midi Station. It is a bit messy and too noisy sometimes but I am a lover of food markets in general. They tell a lot about the human jungle and our everyday fight for survival. This one is held during all the year on Sundays from 6AM to 2PM around the big Midi train station making it easily reachable for me since I live nearby.

This year I have discovered a hidden treasure that I want to share with you. It is called free food (free as in beer).  I have realized that there is a lot of gorgeous and perfectly edible vegetables laying in the floor at the end-hours of the market. At the beginning I did not give a lot of attention to this. But one day I decided to run a special experiment. I would go to the market with no money at all and take only those that are wasted. And yes, my dear friends, since that day I come back home with a box full of veggies that are in a perfect state without spending any single euro on them.

Items collected on 15 December


Going to midi market to pick lost veggies is a total new and different experience for me. It is better than going shopping. In a way is more relaxing: you don’t need to take buying decissions. Will I cook this? Will they be too many for my weekly consumption? You only take what is there. You will worry later what you will cook with them. Also while doing this, I get a lot of thoughts about achieving economic independence. If we manage to eat for free, and we keep finding other ways to spend less and share more, maybe we can get to the real treasure: time to think about your persona developmentl projects and own learning challenges.

It is a practice that certainly helps to avoid food waste.They are laying on the floor and if I do not take them, nobody will and they would be removed by the cleaning services when the market closes at 14.00. I must say that consciousness wise I feel pretty good by doing this because I am being totally sustainable.

I wanted to share with you this, not because I want this activity to be replicated,but in order to know what do you think about this practice. All the images at this post are mine and also the perfect proof of the freshness of the vegetables.

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