Meet Lucas van Beneden. He is in his early 20′s and he can never get enough of learning, tinkering or making stuff. Theory is good for him but there is also the practical part. And for beginning programmers or electronic tinkerers like him it’s not always so easy to find those practical opportunities.

Picture by Inadistantland

Picture by Inadistantland

So they get together in environments like Hacker Spaces or Maker Spaces.  What are those? They are spaces in cities. They are normally they are built by the members to satisfy their needs. In those places there are higher chances for finding other people who wants to learn the same skill and make the same stuff that you do. These people could struggle with parts in which Lukas is good at and they will help him in other parts where he is in trouble.

One example of the projects they are working in Hackerspace Brussels is Aquaponics: it is food related. It involves fish and plants and takes advantage of the synergies between them. It offers a pretty efficient system of growing both animal protein and vegetables in a limited space, with minimal external inputs – the waste from the fish becomes food for the plants which, in turn, filter the waste – so water can be returned to the fish.

What are the different set of skills required for this project? There is a part of mechanics involved to work out the flow of the pumps and the speeds. Some electronics for the control mechanism. (based on rapberry pi).and the rest is trial and error basically.

Everyone that is part of the project has an expertise: everyone brings their suite of skills and experiences to the team. In this light “expertise” doesn’t necessarily mean a skill that is recognized by a degree or a job title, but instead refers to a more informal definition of talent. We live in a knowledge society and thanks to the Internet= Absolute Knowledge and DATA are Everywhere. What is really valuable today is practice. And we see thousands of people (LEARNERS) out there looking IN SEARCH OF REAL EXPERIENCES TO ACHIEVE DELIBERATE PRACTICE

Making, sharing and reflecting are powerful paths to deeper learning and understanding.

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