Moussaka, Olympics, and other tips to make a bingo Greek party stand out
It is a known fact that Greece is the cradle of Western civilization, the home of Aristotle and Alexander the Great, and the birthplace of the Olympics. For these reasons, many people dream of visiting this Mediterranean nation. On the other hand, a lot of people are somewhat tentative about the appeal of a card game like bingo; however, with avant-gardes who continually raise the bar of creativity, the game experienced a sudden jolt of youthful exuberance. Now for some people who may not have the pleasure of time and the resources to travel southwards and play this classic game, an alternative is to bring Greece and bingo right at the comfort of their home. Here are some ideas for a jackpot-winning bingo Greek party that will surely make guests scramble at the doorstep.
Create a one-of-a-kind invitation
The first step in hosting a house party is, of course, inviting guests. And this early, one should be squeezing his or her creative juices out by disseminating a Greek-inspired invite. Use a themed font for the invitation, and print them out using parchment paper or white paper discoloured in coffee or grape juice. Roll the invitations up similar to how the ancient Greeks do it, and place them in tubes so that it won’t get crumpled when sent via traditional snail mail.
Decorate with a Greek feel
The most essential aspect of a Greek-themed party is creating a close-to-reality ambience at home. Some suggestions to make a Greek-inspired party a sure fire hit include setting up some fake stone columns (made out of cardboard) similar to the Parthenon in Athens, hanging some fake grape vines on the ceiling to bring out the Mediterranean vibe, and placing oil lamps on tables and desks.
Host a Bingo Olympics
The Olympics originated in ancient Greece. And re-enacting sporting events such as the marathon, discus throw and weightlifting inside one’s home is not practical and wise. One great alternative is to enjoy a nice game of bingo a la Olympic Games. Simply prepare bingo cards made out of parchment paper, and for the ping pongs used in drawing out balls, paint them with gold to make the guests feel like mythical gods playing bingo. Kronos featuring in his own slot game on Bubble Bonus Bingo. You can have a bit of fun playing a simple bingo game and creating custom bingo cards for an added Greek feel.
Cook authentic Greek dishes
The country’s cuisine is known for their lamb meat, feta cheese, spinach and olives, so a house party won’t be Greek without the distinctive Mediterranean dishes. Serve a wide array of dishes such as Rachael Ray’s famous Greek salad, moussaka, gyros and baklava; recipes of which are available online. Fish cocktails, feta cheese, grapes are also great choices as finger food. For drinks, if the uniquely-Greek honey wine isn’t available, offer white or red wine.