Meeting local producers begining with Debbie.

D-I left the rat race to set up a smallholding and to do our best to be self sufficient. I grow and rear all our own produce, in a traditional, substainable & organic way. All our animals; pigs, sheep, chickens, turkeys, rabbits, ducks, goats are all raised on pasture, leading to true organic meat. I also raise sanne goats for dairy produce and I have this year started a smallscale artisan goats cheese CSA buisness, where the cheeses are traditionally made by hand, with love and last but not least we have bees for the enviroment and the honey.

Just vegatable charcoal!When the mould starts to develope they should start to look more appaetizing.

A-Why cooking?

D-I love cooking, talking about & sharing our own produce, I enjoy the reaction when people realise good produce is still around and so much tastier that the majority of the shop bought stuff.

Edible flowers &wild herb soft goats cheese all ready for tomorrows Brussels delivery.

A-Where does your producer activity take place?


A-If you want to know more Check out the facebook links or contact her via email.

Gings Artisan Goats Cheese - CSA

Eating in the Farm with the farmer

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