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Food Your Life Balance

Today we went food shopping with Frederic, the cook for the next open kitchen! We met at Potage Toit at the rooftop of the Brussels Public Library which is an urban garden located in the centre of Brussels and also a project that tries to make more gardening in unused urban spaces. We went through [...]



Open Kitchen #36 is a Food for FertilityDinner. June 6

An alarming 1 out of 8 couples has trouble getting pregnant or maintaining a pregnancy. Could our modern diet and lifestyle be playing a role? We believe they do! Men and  women, single or in a couple, join us for our “Food for Fertility” dinner experience: Learn all about fertility ‘blockers’ and ‘boosters’ – and [...]


Open Kitchen no 35 is a food performance

Open Kitchen #35 is a food performance

We have me Irene Pacini recently. She is passionate about vegan food, but also a music composer and video artist. She organizes art performances. We are proud to collaborate with her on Open Kitchen no 35. It is going to be a little bit different compared with other Open Kitchens. Less number of guests up [...]


Brussels lifestyle city guide blog

Hidden District: a Blog, Online wine shop and Lifestyle club

A brand new project in Brussels. We sell wines and generate positive returns to both society and the environment. Hidden district is also community with same values and perspectives of the city.  Do you want to discover what it is exactly behind? 1) an online wine shop with a personal touch. Discover passionate and ethical [...]


Energy Baby!

These is how we get energy before and open Kitchen the crew and the chef´s hand by hand! Great Sandra and Ane! Subscribe to the newsletter and don´t miss the next one.



Creative Mornings Brussels

Friday rocks!!! We will be posting the graphic harvestings that Ane will make on these post in case you cant join Carmen and Pilar at Creative Mornings Brussels. #3 HERITAGE / Frederic Rozier/ JULY #2 MINIMAL  / Louis-Philippe Loncke / JUNE #1 FREEDOM/  Eric Corijn / MAY Image coming soon



Forbidden Taste – pop-up Restaurant Prague

Petr Heneš forbidden Chef? A- A couple of words about you? P- I consider myself as a cheerful and ambitious person, enjoying life and constantly trying new things. Currently I work as an Executive chef in a Cuban restaurant “La Bodeguita Del Medio” in the centre of Prague; capital of Czech Republic. I am a [...]




INVITATION!!! You are warmly invited to the revival of Fête du Saturn, an ancient Roman feast, dedicated to Saturn, the symbol of agriculture and toilets. Fête du Saturn was celebrated in Ancient Rome with a public banquet, followed by gift-giving, continual partying, and a carnival atmosphere in a state of social egalitarianism. During a performance [...]



Orlin & Patricia Jazz Duo

Piano + Singer = Orlin & Patricia Jazz Duo Who is who? Orlin Tzontchev is a professional jazz pianist who is known in Belgium and beyond for his extraordinary talent. Patricia Cappuyns is a lawyer who took up singing years ago and realised that she prefers music to the practice of law. what kind of [...]



Love Living The Good Life

Meeting local producers begining with Debbie. D-I left the rat race to set up a smallholding and to do our best to be self sufficient. I grow and rear all our own produce, in a traditional, substainable & organic way. All our animals; pigs, sheep, chickens, turkeys, rabbits, ducks, goats are all raised on pasture, [...]