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Creative Mornings with Carmen Vintilescu

Lats May 16th we have the chance to join the first CreativeMornings event about the Brussels creative community and  with it we meet Carmen Vintilescu. Didn´t you? Energized by frequent doses of consumer empowerment, innovation, creative thinking and art. She is an Innovation Researcher @InSites. Brussels enthusiast & @Brussels_CM host!!! A-Why do you want to [...]



Taste and translate?Maria Juul

Challenging cooking lovers is a pleasure. Lets meet Maria Juul. A-How are you related to the foodie world? M-My profession has almost nothing to do with cooking (I´m a translator) but it has helped me to get access to the culinary world of some countries that I would have otherwise not known so well. Also, [...]



PAPACAPIM by Sandra Guimarães

Who is Sandra Guimarães ? I am a passionate vegan cook. I grown up in Brazil and lived in France and in Palestine, so you can taste the influences of these cuisines in my food. I create plant based recipes that are so tasty, interesting and surprising that you will completely forget that they are [...]


CreativeMornings Brussels


Dear all, We want to introduce you to CreativeMornings and Carmen Vintilescu. What we can say about her? Energized by frequent doses of consumer empowerment, innovation, creative thinking and art is a natural Innovation Researcher @Insites. Brussels enthusiast & @Brussels_CM host. What are we talking about? CreativeMornings Brussels aims to bring together people from these [...]



Pago de Guzque wine

Villa Monte Guzque, is located in EL TOBOSO (TOLEDO), charming village from la Mancha, home of Dulcinea and many other quixotic stories.   Between reality and imagination with a flavour of ”Miguel de Cervantes” and the windmills to a radio program. Yes, they have a great wine but they do promote the wine culture and lifestyle every Tuesday [...]



Martín Códax & Pizarras de Otero. Wine, in the name of a troubadour.

In the name of a troubadour & in a place were many tales were found… Wines with identity for all over the glove will join us at Brussels in Loft “The European Trip“. We will be surrounded by great wines and partners , would you like to taste them? Lets meet them first! 27th of [...]


The Satin Swingers

The Satin Swingers Our vocal jazz trio brings you a perfect blend of close harmonies, rhythm and humor. As we revive ragtime swing and Broadway favourites, come and forget your cares enjoying the vibes of a bygone era. What kind of performance do you have in mind for Open Kitchen? For Friday April 4th, we’ve [...]


MAKERS_ARTIST-2014 Celine Blanc

Le Show Room by Céline Blanc

EXPO ARTY & DECO VINTAGE ? Are we talking about Le Show Room by Céline Blanc ? YES! What kind of performance do you have in mind for Open Kitchen? DECO VINTAGE, ART and MUSIC / Marie Warnant & Nicolas VO In which Open Kitchen have you been? A lot!  - OK ARTIST - Contact details www.celineblanc.com info@celineblanc.com Gsm [...]


OK story tellers Mayara Wal

“Curious & spontaneous Mayara Wal”

Who is Mayara Wal ?  A curious, spontaneous, happy and a bit shy designer who loves food, music, art and aim to, one day, become a storyteller . Why OK? Because I want to be an Open Kitchen “ambassador” in Brazil ! Which Open Kitchen have you been part of? I´ve been to the one in [...]


They come from far to please you…,

They come from far to please you…

They come from far to please you… Hey everyone! After last year unique success, we wanted to go one step further. The next March 26th starts the second edition of Brussels in loft. We wanted to surprise you bringing to Brussels specifically for the occasions 8 chefs from 8 different Pop Up restaurants in Europe. We made a tour of [...]