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“Un altro colore By Arianna Broggiato”

Who is Arianna Broggiato ?  I am an Italian living in Bruxelles: I am always searching for high quality simple ingredients, that needs to be seasonal according to the times of nature, and local as much as possible. I am interested in healthy & tasty way of cooking /eating, so I am using raw and different [...]


Loft wanted

Hunting Host for Brussels in Loft!!!

Brussels in loft is back! We are looking for a charming space with a great kitchen. Do you want to be our next location? visit our site



Welcome 2014 Wishes

What are our wishes and objectives this year? Beyond the cultivation of a creative environment in which everyone feels comfortable doing what they want, this year we need a wine sponsor. If we want to keep doing the things we do in 2015, in 2014 we need to be economically sustainable and for this we [...]



Hidden treasure at Midi Market

Since I first arrived to Brussels city, almost every Sunday I do food trips to Midi Station. It is a bit messy and too noisy sometimes but I am a lover of food markets in general. They tell a lot about the human jungle and our everyday fight for survival. This one is held during [...]



Opportunities around a hashtag

You know that we love food, art and culture. Today we have a call that appeals to all of us and may also be appealing for you. #openkitBX We have just launched our Rebelmouse and inserted the app in a new page in our website called Social Stream . Check it out. I think it looks [...]


Paloma Cabeza

Ideas for a Greek-themed Bingo House Party

Moussaka, Olympics, and other tips to make a bingo Greek party stand out It is a known fact that Greece is the cradle of Western civilization, the home of Aristotle and Alexander the Great, and the birthplace of the Olympics. For these reasons, many people dream of visiting this Mediterranean nation. On the other hand, [...]


swing in the cracks

A public space hacking manifesto

Meet Swing in the Cracks.  They are a Brussels based collective of architects and designers that I encountered at an “apero and book crossing event” in Porte de Namur last Sunday, and their mission is to up-cycle waste (scrap wood, discarded domestic furniture, …) into parasite interventions that aim to vitalize public spaces. Why? Well, despite the [...]


The Lekkerlicious Challenge

Take the Lekkerlicious Challenge

Share a photo or video of your dinner on Facebook or Twitter this Saturday. Win a dining experience at OPEN Kitchen or a “Lekkerlicious” t-shirt from Solamente55! For all of you who missed out on tickets for the final night this Saturday of popup restaurant Brussels In Loft, we’re bringing it online. Click “Join” on [...]


Prise de vue du « Musée des Civilisations de l’Europe et la Méditerranée »

Pastry, design, performance : a question of (re)creation to get free

Nowadays, pastry is worldwide considered as hype and is in front of a new challenge. Since 3 decades, partly thanks to Pierre Hermé, pastry is out of the woods and is increasingly seen as a section of the kitchen itself.And put in front of the stage, it is revisited by bakers who get international renowned. [...]



How people are learning today (I)

Meet Lucas van Beneden. He is in his early 20′s and he can never get enough of learning, tinkering or making stuff. Theory is good for him but there is also the practical part. And for beginning programmers or electronic tinkerers like him it’s not always so easy to find those practical opportunities. So they [...]