You know that we love food, art and culture. Today we have a call that appeals to all of us and may also be appealing for you. #openkitBX
We have just launched our Rebelmouse and inserted the app in a new page in our website called Social Stream . Check it out. I think it looks great. The good news is that you can all add images and text to it. It is not filtered. You just need to use the hashtag #openkitBX and it will automatically appear there. Are you an instagrammer, twitto? Go for it & give it a try!
What type of things you can share with us?
We want to place people, through food, in a special place between the natural world on the one side and the social world on the other. Showing examples of things that can be done to change. Example:open a community garden. A new company in the local food sector. Ex:  Showcasing inspiring projects that are done at Brussels level. 
Incentivising them to start something different (be creators) of a DIY lifestyle that is going to bring them a deeper understanding of the natural world through food. You can also advertise your events and things you are supporting. 
Be creative as well… were do you wanna go, were you think we should meet or even anything you consider shareable with the community.
Just use the hashtag and see your post and tweets in our social-stream and make it yours!!!
From the personal to the professional we are the open kit for what is happening in Brussels thanks to you!!!

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