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Forbidden Taste – pop-up Restaurant Prague

Petr Heneš forbidden Chef? A- A couple of words about you? P- I consider myself as a cheerful and ambitious person, enjoying life and constantly trying new things. Currently I work as an Executive chef in a Cuban restaurant “La Bodeguita Del Medio” in the centre of Prague; capital of Czech Republic. I am a [...]




INVITATION!!! You are warmly invited to the revival of Fête du Saturn, an ancient Roman feast, dedicated to Saturn, the symbol of agriculture and toilets. Fête du Saturn was celebrated in Ancient Rome with a public banquet, followed by gift-giving, continual partying, and a carnival atmosphere in a state of social egalitarianism. During a performance [...]



Taste and translate?Maria Juul

Challenging cooking lovers is a pleasure. Lets meet Maria Juul. A-How are you related to the foodie world? M-My profession has almost nothing to do with cooking (I´m a translator) but it has helped me to get access to the culinary world of some countries that I would have otherwise not known so well. Also, [...]



PAPACAPIM by Sandra Guimarães

Who is Sandra Guimarães ? I am a passionate vegan cook. I grown up in Brazil and lived in France and in Palestine, so you can taste the influences of these cuisines in my food. I create plant based recipes that are so tasty, interesting and surprising that you will completely forget that they are [...]


They come from far to please you…,

They come from far to please you…

They come from far to please you… Hey everyone! After last year unique success, we wanted to go one step further. The next March 26th starts the second edition of Brussels in loft. We wanted to surprise you bringing to Brussels specifically for the occasions 8 chefs from 8 different Pop Up restaurants in Europe. We made a tour of [...]



Welcome 2014 Wishes

What are our wishes and objectives this year? Beyond the cultivation of a creative environment in which everyone feels comfortable doing what they want, this year we need a wine sponsor. If we want to keep doing the things we do in 2015, in 2014 we need to be economically sustainable and for this we [...]



A new concept is born: Brussels in Loft

During the last 2 years we have been working with many different cooks here in Open Kitchen. A couple of months ago we had the idea. Why not inviting some of them to cook in a “ephemeral restaurant” during a limited period of time? This is how the idea of Brussels in Loft came to [...]