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CreativeMornings Brussels


Dear all, We want to introduce you to CreativeMornings and Carmen Vintilescu. What we can say about her? Energized by frequent doses of consumer empowerment, innovation, creative thinking and art is a natural Innovation Researcher @Insites. Brussels enthusiast & @Brussels_CM host. What are we talking about? CreativeMornings Brussels aims to bring together people from these [...]



“Un altro colore By Arianna Broggiato”

Who is Arianna Broggiato ?  I am an Italian living in Bruxelles: I am always searching for high quality simple ingredients, that needs to be seasonal according to the times of nature, and local as much as possible. I am interested in healthy & tasty way of cooking /eating, so I am using raw and different [...]


Loft wanted

Hunting Host for Brussels in Loft!!!

Brussels in loft is back! We are looking for a charming space with a great kitchen. Do you want to be our next location? visit our site



Opportunities around a hashtag

You know that we love food, art and culture. Today we have a call that appeals to all of us and may also be appealing for you. #openkitBX We have just launched our Rebelmouse and inserted the app in a new page in our website called Social Stream . Check it out. I think it looks [...]


Strand presents Slam Funk at Open Kitchen no 11

Join the next #openkitchen… a movement that keeps exploring our city in search of the perfect balance of connectivism, localism and digitalism. On Wednesday 17 October we are proud to have with us Strand a spanish musician/producer based in Brussels. He has released several records in prestigious indie labels like Foehn Records and performed in festivals like [...]