Share a photo or video of your dinner on Facebook or Twitter this Saturday. Win a dining experience at OPEN Kitchen or a “Lekkerlicious” t-shirt from Solamente55!

For all of you who missed out on tickets for the final night this Saturday of popup restaurant Brussels In Loft, we’re bringing it online. Click “Join” on Soonfeed for an email alert as the happening starts.

The happening online is this:

We’re challenging Europeans to share their realtime dinner experiences with Instagrams, Vines and photos. Posts on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #Lekkerlicious will appear on a Pictawall at the Loft and online. The crowd votes to select the most “lekkerlicious” of them all!

WHEN: Saturday, 5 October from 20 to 22hrs CET

WHERE: Happening on Facebook and Twitter


1. Have dinner this Saturday at any time between 20 and 22hrs CET

2. Capture your dinner experience with an Instagram, Vine or photo. You must include the letter “L” in the shot, so we know it’s freshly taken

3. Share your photo/video on our Facebook event page or on Twitter using the hashtag #Lekkerlicious, so it appears on our wall at the Loft and online. You can share as many as you want.


The most lekkerlicious photos and videos, as voted by the crowd on Facebook and Twitter, will win a dining experience at OPEN Kitchen in Brussels or a “Lekkerlicious” t-shirt made and delivered by Solamente55.


It comes from “lekker”, the greatest word in the Flemish language, meaning (you guessed it) “delicious”.

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