What are our wishes and objectives this year? Beyond the cultivation of a creative environment in which everyone feels comfortable doing what they want, this year we need a wine sponsor. If we want to keep doing the things we do in 2015, in 2014 we need to be economically sustainable and for this we need to reduce some of the costs of our events. This wine sponsor can be a Belgian importer, label or local producer. They would offer a certain amount of bottles in exchange of web visibility. In exchange we would bring their product closer to potential customers by producing events + web content (videos, text, illustrations, pictures) that play and adapt their brand to digital narratives.

In terms of events we want to do another edition of Brussels in Loft. 2013 edition was a complete success for all the people involved (artists, cooks, guests, sponsors and partners ) . This year we want to play with the international European dimension of the Pop Up Restaurant scene. We want to invite a cook who runs successful Pop Up restaurants from one European city: London, Paris, Berlin , Zurich, Milan, Vigo, you name it… And we are open to suggestions here. Also we are going to need sponsors that would be willing to “cover”their trips.

Also this year we want to open a learning branch. We want to organize courses that bring learners closer to the real stuff: the animals, plants and lands and ferments that feed us all.

These are our requests. ┬áPlease help us to make them happen. And don’t hesitate to drop me a line if you like these ideas and want to get somehow involved. Hoping this year brings you peace and love in excess, please do us a favor and don’t forget to allow people playing around you.

What are your wishes for 2014?

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